When flying to the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, you can opt for Pulkovo International Airport or to the three smaller commercial airports within the area. It was in 1931 when Pulkovo International Airport started serving to tourists and local citizens. For domestic flights and some selected international charter flights, you can directly go to terminal 1. The terminal also serves to low-cost airlines. Terminal 2 on the other hand serves international connections.

According to sources, the airport is about 17 kilometers south from the city’s center. Pulkovo is noted to be the fourth busiest airport in Russia and it is famous as one of the modern airports found in the Russian Federation.

Pulkovo has great facilities and is ideal for family trips since it has children’s playroom which is found at the Chillout lounge, VIP lounge—perfect for those who want to stay long in the airport to wait for their flights and clean toilets. You can also browse the net in the area since it has Wifi internet access.

From the airport to the city, travelers will not find it hard to reach their destinations since Pulkovo has two local bus lines. One can also ride on a taxi for a more comfortable and convenient way in reaching the city. Based on reviews, the usual taxi would could around 600 rubles excluding luggage surcharges if your destination is within the city’s central district. Russian speakers will have an advantage to order a taxi and can save more just by calling a taxi company.

When you are in Finland, Lappeenranta Airport provides a low-cost alternative going to Pulkovo Airport. It is just 2 kilometers away from the central part of the city and it is famous as the oldest airport in Finland since it was established in 1918.