When strolling around Saint Petersburg, you can definitely save a lot when you ride on a bus. Tickets are usually sold by conductors who are just sitting in the bus and if there are no conductors, the drivers themselves sold the tickets to passengers. Within the city, bus rides only cost 19 to 36 rubles. If you are not familiar with the city, you should take note of the routes and street signs and generally, bus stops are marked with the letter “A” which means avtobus.

In Saint Petersburg, there are different kinds of buses. Regular buses have conductors where you can pay your tickets in cash. There are some travelers and citizens who prefer to have the monthly passes so these can also be shown to the conductor on board.

Taxi buses or commonly called as t-buses do not accept passes and the charge is comparatively more expensive than a regular bus. These buses do not get crowded easily and they only accept cash.

Express buses or also known as e-buses are faster as well as they are more comfortable to ride on. According to sources, these buses charge twice than a metro but you can reach your destination on time especially when there is nobody who wants to board or exit.

Costing from 2 to 3 rubles, you can already ride on a marshrutniye taksi or simply marshrutki. These are the city’s vans which are famous in the newer districts of Saint Petersburg. Visiting a beautiful landmark is easier when you ride on a marshrutki since you only have to pay cash to the driver and instruct him on your destination. This means of transportation do not take unnecessary stops and they are less crowded.