Travel to St. Petersburg

There are many ways to get to the city of St. Petersburg. You can get there through air travel, or by use of their various transport systems: railways, waterways and their different means of public transport.

There is one thing that you need in your travel that is a bit complex though, and that is their visa requirements. But this shouldn’t worry you too much as there are a lot of visa services that can help you out in this matter. And as soon as you have this taken care of, then it’s time for you to get familiar with the travel options available for you.

Through air travel

If you decide to get there by plane you will be arriving at the Pulkovo Airport. This airport handles domestic as well as international flights. For international flights, Terminal 2 is used and Terminal 1 is reserved for domestic flights. There won’t be any problem getting to the city once you’ve landed on Pulkovo Airport. You can use the local bus lines that service the airport: Line 39 if you are from Terminal 1 and Line 13 if you’ll be riding from Terminal 2. You can also use the taxi service available at the airport. They follow a fixed rate price system and you can just go to the arrival hall to order the service. If you wish to save on your taxi fare though, you may call other taxi services by phone and not get the taxi services that are at the airport. You just have to have a phone with you and be able to speak Russian.

Use of Railways

St. Petersburg was home to first ever railway that was built in Russia. Ever since the first one was built in 1837, the city has continued to develop ways to keep up with the city’s development. Now the city is the final stop to many suburban and intercity railways and it is served by five railway terminals. If you wish to travel to St. Pertersburg through their railway system, you can get a high-speed Allegro train from Finland or get a high-speed Sapsan train from Moscow to the city.

Use of Waterways

If you wish to travel by sea to St. Petersburg you may try their ferry services available. There are also different summer cruises that you can try out. If you want to try out the summer cruises though, you may want to check with the cruise lines first as they tend to change their schedule from time to time. You will find that the major cruise lines like the Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, MSC, Princess and Royal Caribbean have itineraries for St. Petersburg.