Getting around in a foreign city may be a bit difficult especially if it is one’s first time in the place. But as long as you are well informed with the different transportation options that are available in the city then you have nothing to worry about.

In the St. Petersburg, the most important thing to remember, especially if you will be out at night, is that all of the city’s main bridges are drawn up at certain scheduled times to allow the boats to pass through. So it is important that you get to the other side of the river before the scheduled time so you won’t be stuck in the wrong side until the morning.

It is also important to note that subways in St. Petersburg are closed from 12:00-5:45 AM.

Subway transport

The subway is perhaps the least expensive and the most effective way to travel around the city. It can even be a good tourist attraction because of the decorations that they’ve put up in the stations. Before taking pictures was prohibited, but now they have allowed this so now you can take a memento of your subway trips in St. Petersburg. Going on the city’s metro would cost 25 rubles. This is per entry and is regardless of the distance you will be travelling. If you will be frequently on the subway, it will be good to stock up on tokens as lines will be long and there are even times when the stations run out. Know there are maps on every train car and though most of them are in English, you may find some written in Cyrillic alphabet.

Use of tram

A cheaper way of travelling around the city is by tram. This costs only 21 rubles. It is much slower than using the metro though. But the great thing about using the tram is that you get to see the beautiful scenery of the city while travelling to and from a certain destination.

Use of bus and trolleybus

Buses and trolleybuses are also an inexpensive way to travel around St. Petersburg. Around the city it will cost only 21 rubles. Going to suburbs will cost you more though. This will be about 19 to 36 rubles depending on the location. Be sure to hold on to your ticket. If you are caught without a valid ticket you will fined 100 rubles.

Use of train

You may also use the local train service to get around the city. Fares vary depending on the distance you will be travelling but if it is within the city limits it would cost around 30 rubles.

By route taxi

A route taxi is another way to get around St. Petersburg. You may want to note though that a route taxi is different from the taxi you may be used with. A route taxi is a 14-21 seater van with a letter K and the route number on it. Usually you’d need to pay between 20-27 rubles. If you wish to make a stop you must tell the driver to make the stop and if you wish to get on a route taxi you would need to hail it while you are on the roadside. This is because there are no regular stops on the route taxi, much like a regular taxi that you are used of.