If you want to get to see all of the city’s attractions and also get to know some facts about them, it’s best to go on a city tour. You will be sure to visit major city attractions and know the history behind them. Guides will give you interesting facts about these attractions that will leave you at awe at these city wonders.

In the city of St. Petersburg where it receives a great number of tourists per year, various companies that offer tours have come out. You will find a lot of these offer different types of tours, from standard ones to thematic tours, and from 3-hour tours to 3 or 4-day tours.

Whatever tour you may choose no doubt it will give let you see St. Petersburg in a different way. You’ll surely get to appreciate the city more as you get to know the city more.

Standard City tours

Standard city tours will take you a day at most. Some though may take just a couple of hours to 3 hours. The attractions that you surely will be taken to are the places that the city is most famous for, like the General Perspective, or what is known now as the Nevsky Prospect. This is a central road in St. Petersburg where you can see great marble palaces of the Russian royalty. You will also see boutiques and salons that are arranged in an old 18th century setting, various arcades and trade shows, and also Renaissance cathedrals. You will also see the great structures just along the edge of the Neva River. These are the State Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Admiralty. Other attractions part of a standard city tour are: the Palace Square, which is the 3rd largest square in the world; the Fine Arts Square; Church of Resurrection on the Spilt Blood, a church that stands on the spot of Alexander III’s assassination; St. Peter and Paul Fortress, the oldest building in the city; the Bronze Horseman; and the Field of Mars, where an eternal flame is kept burning for the war victims and revolutionaries.

Thematic tours

There are also thematic tours available in the city. If you want to explore a specific theme in St. Petersburg’s history and architecture, you may very well do so. There are various tours that caters to a specific theme such as the Museum tours, Russian Art tours, and other tours that focus on the city’s monuments or palace architecture.