Language Schools

There are a lot of organizations that offer language school programs in Saint Petersburg because of the fast development of the city and the increasing number of tourists who are interested in learning the city’s language and culture. Language Studio (00 7 (812) 336-36-31) for one offers language programs especially to tourists who would want to communicate effectively for travel, business and daily encounters when visiting Saint Petersburg. They teach the language preferred by the participants which they can immediately use on daily basis. They are currently located at 4, Petropavlovskaya St.

Educacentre Language School (1, Komendantskaya sq. 1) is also one of the effective language schools in the city catering to hundreds of students from different countries like Germany, France, Great Britain, Brazil and Italy. Like other language schools, Educacentre Language School also offers accommodations with their hotels and hostels that are complete in amenities. Travelers can also learn various languages in European School located at 9 Kavalergardskaya Street. They offer summer courses and they hold their classes on Mondays to Fridays.

Other private schools in Saint Petersburg include Liden and Denz (+7 (812) 334 07 88), ProBa Language Centre which was established in 1995 and is currently located at Zagorodny 17 St.Petersburg, School of Russian and Asian Studies (1-650-206-2209) which offers research, study and travels to Eurasia and Russia, and Department of Philology in the Saint Petersburg University located at Vassilevskiy Island.