Planning to spend a week in St Petersburg? Then this is your chance to visit many of its famous attractions. While a mere weekend in the city limits the places that you can explore in the City of Tsars, a week is already enough to experience the most of St Petersburg.

Below are 5 places to include in your week-long exploration in St Petersburg:

Catherine Palace

Painted in gold and white, this palace is dedicated to Catherine I. Enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and gardens in this 1400-acre palace. Aside from its outdoor views, there are also several art pieces worth-seeing inside.

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

Russia’s top museum, the State Hermitage Museum is also recognized throughout the world having one of those with the largest collections. With about 3 million art pieces, a day in the museum would not be enough to take a look at all its showcases.

Smolny Cathedral

The baroque-style architecture features a very attractive interior which makes it a favorite destination of many tourists. Most St Petersburg tour services include a visit in this cathedral. Many concerts and other events are also being held here.

Yusupov Palace

Although the city has a number of attractions, there aren’t many places in St Petersburg with history like that of the Yusupov Palace. As the place where the murder of Rasputin, Russia’s mad monk, took place, the palace also offers a number of interesting views.

Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress

Being the very first structure ever built in St Petersburg makes the Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fortress worth visiting! The fortress gives you a glimpse to breathtaking landscapes while the cathedral features exquisite chandeliers and elaborate décor.

A week in St Petersburg gives you enough time to enjoy the city, so make the most out of it!