Long Weekend

Whether you only have a day or two in St. Petersburg, every visit is worth the plan. For a long weekend in the city, it is important to make your itinerary short but fun – meaning, list down places and activities that are enough for you to really appreciate its beauty.

Begin your listing with the important landmarks and attractions in the city. Research about St. Petersburg’s must-see destinations including their locations. It is important to take note where these sights are situated to help you plan about how much time you can allot to visit each.

Do not fail to visit some of the city’s prided attractions such as its museums and palaces. The Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, and the Central Naval Museum are just three of the most frequented museums in town. The Winter and Summer Palaces (both part of the Hermitage Museum), Yusupov Palace, Marble Palace, Vladimir Palace, and the St. Michael’s castle only names a few of the over 20 palaces and castles in St. Petersburg.

But the museums and palaces are not the only attractions in the city. Its religious sites, parks, and gardens would also take your breaths away.

At night, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner at one of the St. Petersburg’s restaurants where you can get a taste of the city’s top delicacies, then head to some of its party venues to experience nightlife in this Russian city.

Although short, there is a wide array of activities that you can choose from in St. Petersburg (of course this also depends on the time of your visit in the city).