Day Trip

Some tourists would want to make the most of their vacations and not only see the sights and scenes of the city they have visited. They also want to explore the surrounding cities and see the great attractions that they boast of. Day trips would give you all these. Day trips will let you see more places and let you travel to distant locations that may be more than an hour’s drive from the city.

There are a lot of companies that offer day trip services. Some of them aside from the tour itself also offer additional services such as an English speaking guide and an option for guides who speak Italian, French, German, or Spanish, and even hotel pick up and drop off. Some companies also offer packages where the entrance fees, a meal in one of the city’s restaurants and the transportation are already included.

In St. Petersburg there are a lot of day trips to choose from. Some of them are thematic and cater to a certain theme like: architecture, palaces and parks, a certain part of the city’s culture. There are also day trips that focus on a particular place and include all of the beautiful sights and scenes of that place.


Various companies that offer day trip services, offers a tour to Novgorod. The place is considered as a must-see place in Russia that is why if you are in St. Petersburg, take the opportunity and take a day trip to Novgorod. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is home to 11th century buildings, and great structures such as the Millennium of Russia, containing bronze representations of Russia’s important figures; Novgorod Kremlin, which houses great monuments within its walls like the Chamber of Facets, as well as the oldest bell tower and clock tower in Russia. The St. Sophia Cathedral, Yuriev Monastery, and the old marketplace just on the edge of the Volkhov River, these are also the scenic spots that you will be seeing in Novgorod.


If you want to experience being in an Imperial residence, then having a day trip to Pushkin would be great for you. The town is home to the famous palace of Catherine the Great, and it is only 25 km away from the city of St. Petersburg. Though the palace is the town’s main attraction, there are also various cathedrals and monasteries in the town that will leave you at awe with Russian architecture. There are also some day trips that include a tour of the park complex of Pavlovsk, just a few miles away from Pushkin. Here you will see the Imperial Estate which was where Emperor Paul I lived.