Car Rental

There are some travelers who do not want to use public transport and wants to travel own their own, at their own pace. They find that they are able to enjoy the city more as they are not dictated by the metro’s schedules and stops and do not need to line up just to get tickets. If you are one of these, then renting a car to go around a city is a great alternative for you.

There are different car rental options available in St. Petersburg. The most popular of which are Europcar and Hertz. With these international car rental companies you’ll be assured of the best quality of cars and the best service as well.


For Europcar you may choose from their assortment of vehicle brands and car types available. Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Renaut, Puegot, Opel, Iveco, and Firt are some of the car brands that you can choose from.

Europcar categorizes their vehicles according the features available. The Mini vehicles can seat up to 2 adults and 2 children. These are 3-door or 4 door-cars .The Economy vehicles can also seat up to 2 adults and 2 children and these are 3-door or 5-door cars but they are bigger in built. The Compact and Intermediate vehicles can seat up to 4 adults and are 3-door, 4-door and 5-door cars. It can also fit up to 2 suitcases, up to 2 small bags and up to 4 golf bags. The Standard vehicles can seat up to 5 adults, are 4-door and 5-door cars and can fit up to 4 suitcases, while the Full-Size vehicles can seat up to 6 adults. While the Premium and Luxury vehicles can only seat up to 5 adults, you will be travelling in the outmost luxury in cars like the Mercedes E-class and the Mercedes-Benz ML. There are also mini-vans and multi-purpose vans available for rent. All of the vehicles comes with power steering and central locking.


For Hertz they categorize their vehicles into Cars or Convertibles, Wagons or Estates, and SUVs and Minivans. You may get optional coverages in renting a car from Hertz. These are coverages in case of an unfortunate occurance that will lead to a damage. Theft Protection, limits your liability; Collision Damage Waiver, limits your financial responsibility; Super Cover, waives your limited liability; and you can also get Personal Insurance.

Hertz also offer an option for online check-ins. You will only need to provide your driver’s license and date of birth and you’re good to go.

Other car rental services

There are also other car rental services available in the city. Most of these you will find online. Just be sure though to check reviews and testimonials left by previous customers and do a bit of research to be sure that you get your money’s worth.