Hostels provide long term accommodation and are found to be cheaper compared to other kinds of accommodations. The place allows the travelers to rent a bed and share some amenities such as bathrooms, kitchen and lounge to other backpackers. When visiting Saint Petersburg, it is just practical to stay in a hostel which is near to the city’s theatres, palaces, parks, galleries, rivers and other attractions.

St. Petersburg International Hostel (+7(812) 717-0569) which was founded in 1992 is one of the well known hostels in Saint Petersburg. It is located at 28 3rd Sovetskaya Street and since its establishment, many of their clients love the 19th century inspired building.

Travelers could also stay in Hostel Life ((812) 318 18 08) which can accommodate around 60 guests in their 15 spacious rooms. The hostel has a complete facility from comfortable rooms, clean kitchen, bathroom, luggage room and an internet zone. They are currently located between Hermitage—a well known museum, and Vosstaniya square which is the city’s business center. Baby Lemonade Hostel (Inzhenernaya St., 7) is also a good hostel with a WiFi lobby, 24-hour security, guest kitchen, common room and library.

Choosing a good hostel in Saint Petersburg also depend on one’s traveling needs so when making a decision on a place to stay you should check out your budget, facilities that you wanted from the hostel and the convenience of its location where you can easily go to your travel destinations.