There are a lot of accommodations to choose from in St. Petersburg. It all depends on your budget, your purpose of visiting and your length of stay. With these figured out all you that you need to do is mix and match these factors to the hotel that is perfect for you.

The city is receiving more and more tourists as each year passes. With this the city’s hotels have also been improving every year at providing what the tourists need in their stay. That is why you will not find a hard time looking for a good hotel to stay in St. Petersburg.

If you want hotels more specifically caters to your needs though, there are different types of hotels that you can look into.

Easy access to attractions

If you are travelling to the city and want an easy access to the famous landmarks and the popular attractions, then it is best to choose a hotel within the city’s heart. There are numerous hotels that are just walking distance to the city’s famous sights. For hotels that are less than $100 per night, the Comfort Hotel, History Hotel on English Embankment and the Nevsky Hotel Moyka 5 are worth checking out. The History Hotel has a great view of the Neva River and is just a 15 minute walk from the Hermitage Musuem. The Nevsky Hotel on the other hand is only three blocks from this museum and other city attractions, while the Comfort Hotel is just a few minutes away from St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Other hotels to check out are the Petro Palace Hotel, Antique Hotel Rachmaninov, Astoria Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, and Grand Hotel Europe. These hotels though are above $100 per night.

Small luxury hotels

If you would want to experience unparalleled service at an affordable price, then you can try out the city’s mini-hotels or small luxury hotels. The Rossi Hotel, which is only less than $100 per night, have above average rooms and their Suite rooms can be compared to 5-star hotels in the city. Other mini-hotels you can check out are Helvetia Hotel, Golden Garden Boutique Hotel, Nevsky Forum Hotel, and Brothers Karamazov Hotel.

Family hotels

There are also hotels that are known to have outstanding and caters very well especially to guests that comes in families. They are known to have a very welcoming service and comfortable accommodations. The Dostoevsky Hotel for example has an option to connect standard rooms or suites, while the Ladoga Hotel is known for its spacious rooms which is good for families with kids. Another hotel worth checking out is the Pushka Inn Hotel which has family suites available that can accommodate up to six guests.

For longer stays you may also opt for apartment hotels. The Austrian Yard Mini-Hotel and the Nevsky 78 Apart-Hotel are some of these.