Explore St. Petersburg

There are hundreds of reasons to explore St Petersburg. Aside from being the second largest city of Russia, the City of Tsars also boasts of a number of landmarks and attractions. But any exploration in the city would need some research and planning – especially if you are intending to stay for more than a day.

A basic thing to think about before coming to St Petersburg is your accommodation. Where do you want to stay in the city? Would you splurge on hotels and apartments or keep a budget by staying on hostels? The next would be the means to get to the city. How do you get there? Should you take a train, a bus, or a plane? It is also important to learn about the various transports to get around St Petersburg or get a list of the companies offering car rental services for your convenience.

Aside from the accommodation and transports, it is also important to research about the various tour services offered in St Petersburg. Should you get a guided tour or explore the city by yourself?

Finally, since St Petersburg is a non-English speaking city, it would also be wise to think about learning Russian before you go to the city. Additionally, if you intend to stay longer, it would be good to consider on enrolling yourself in a language school in the city.

Answering to these questions would help create the experience you will have in St Petersburg. So make your plan carefully.