Weather is one primary factor to consider when travelling to St. Petersburg. Although the city’s climate seems to get some pretty bad press, those who’ve been to the city would attest that this only adds to St. Petersburg character. Nonetheless, it would not hurt to come prepared for the weather.

Fortunately, tourists can bank on that being a maritime city, St. Petersburg weather does not get extremely cold – at least in the standards of the Russians. Its temperatures rarely drop below 10 degree Celsius even during winter; its summers rarely go higher than 30 degrees Celsius making it perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities. What most visitors and residents in St. Petersburg struggle on though is its high humidity that is quite hard to bear sometimes. Thus, it is suggested to bring clothing that is waterproof.

Whatever the season, umbrellas, jackets and/or windproof raincoat can come handy while exploring the city. St. Petersburg attractions may require a lot of walking which makes it important to choose your footwear wisely. Warm boots with sole that’s non-slip, comfortable sandals, and waterproof shoes are wise options. Winters get very cold outside (although hotels are reasonably heated) that is why it is suggested to dress in layers. During summer, tourists can wear shorts and other cool and comfortable clothes. However, wearing shorts may hamper you from entering the churches in the city.

Overall, the weather in St. Petersburg is bearable regardless of the high humidity. And again, this just adds to the character of the city.