For those who are thinking about studying in St Petersburg, it would be a delight to know that the city boasts of many institutions offering quality education. As of 2007, there have already been 1024 kindergartens, 716 public schools, and 80 vocational schools recorded in the City of Tsars.

With about 32,000 undergraduate students, Saint Petersburg State University is one of the largest higher education institutions in the city. Joining it with the most number of enrollees are Herzen University, Saint Petersburg Military Engineering-Technical University and the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.

With this number, you can be assured that St Petersburg offers you a wide range of choice as far as education is concern. But before you get yourself enrolled, it would be helpful to consider several factors.

First, would be the university you are planning to enroll in. For expats planning to study in the city, researching about your prospective university would be very helpful. Find out about their course offerings as well as their ‘expertise’. There may be a lot of universities available in the city, but not all may cater to your field interest.

Another thing to consider when deciding to study in the Russian city is your accommodation. Make sure to pick a place close to the university you will enroll in or vice versa. Along with the accommodation would be the accessibility. A university easily accessible would help make your stay in the city more convenient.