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The St. Petersburg, Russia real estate market is currently attractive with prices still far below those of Moscow and other major Eastern European cities. The Saint Petersburg city center is experiencing a true renaissance.

However, purchasing property in St Petersburg or in Russia in general still comes with a number of risks – specifically problems associated with property ownership rights, privatization of state property and a cumbersome social protection system covering original occupants of city property.

City Realty has the specialists and knowledge base to assist you in successfully navigating the St Petersburg property market while at the same time reducing or eliminating these and other risks. They can assist in the selection of a property that is right for you – whether it is one of the larger apartments in the Saint Petersburg city center or a smaller apartment in one of the quieter sections of town. They can also assist you with property selection, purchase, purchaser’s rights protection, remodeling, receiving all the necessary permissions from the city authorities to renovate and property management and upkeep after the purchase. To learn more, please contact the following numbers:

City Realty
Muchnoi Per 2
St. Petersburg
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Tel:  +7 812 570 6342
Fax: +7 812 315 9151

Moscow office
Tel:  +7 495 662 8753

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