If by any chance you happen to fall in-love with St. Petersburg or you just want to start a new life in a new city and decide to move permanently, there are few important things to be considered first.

Understandably, moving to new city, especially to a relatively foreign to you won’t be a walk in the park. Possessions of things such as real estate, job, or even the validity of your visa regarding your stay in the country should be taken into careful considerations.

Renting a place to stay

Obviously, the first you need to consider is an apartment or a house to live in. Now, this depends on your need. If you’re running a business in the city, it is better to rent a house nearer to your business, so you could keep an eye for it 24/7.

But regardless of the reason as to why you choose that certain apartment/house to live in, it is always best to be in a neighborhood you’re comfortable in.


Of course, how will you be able to live and sustain your basic needs without a source of income? A fairly stable job is essential to keep you alive in the city, though it may come sooner or later, the point is you need at least an ample income for your everyday survival.

These and other factors will help you moving to Saint Petersburg with ease.