An important note to remember on employment regulations in Russia is, first, one must remember that Russian law prohibits a legally visiting foreigner from taking a job which could be filled by a Russian citizen. However there are exceptions and the employer must file for the exception and apply for your work permit.

Second, currently there are prohibitions about how many days you can legally reside in Russia each year. Registered students and those with a legal work permit are usually exempted, but many foreigners are subject to the 90/180 rule which dictates that one can only live in Russia for 180 days annually, and only in 90 day segments. That means you live there 90 days, leave for 90 days, return to live for 90 and leave again for 90. It is certainly not a very appealing situation for trying to find a job–and that is the idea behind it.

But other than those exceptions, some additional pointers that are instrumental in landing a job.


A simple equation: The more people you know, the more job opportunities. Build a network that allows you to meet workers from the highest rank down to the lowest, and more importantly, earn their trust. This will greatly help on your quest for a job.  Also, employers will likely hire employees who they have known the personal background beforehand.