The economical stability, more than the landmarks and sights, has attracted many people to live as expatriate in St Petersburg. Being the second largest city in Russia, the City of Tsars promises a lot of growth and experience as far as being an expat is concern. However, before you move to the city, it is but essential to plan first how you are going to settle in St Petersburg.

For one, it is important to make a research of the various properties available in the city. The real estate in St Petersburg may be expensive, but they will surely prove to be worth every cent you spend. Aside from the place to live in, finding about the life and lifestyle in this Russian city would also be a wise thing to do. Living in St Petersburg may need some adjustments but you will surely find your way around the city.

As an expatriate, it will also be wise to make a research and further readings before moving to St Petersburg. It may be a beautiful and fantastic city, but anyone who does not have enough information about it may have a hard time adjusting.

Finally, you may also want to get yourself a job in the city. As a Russian city, the cost of living in St Petersburg is expectedly high. Unless you already have enough money to spend in the city, a job would surely help you ‘survive’ in St Petersburg.

Living as an expatriate in St Petersburg is not easy that is why you would really need some planning before moving.