Top Attractions

As to be expected in one of Russia’s important cities, St. Petersburg boasts of a number of attractions that will surely delight tourists of all ages. It is recognized by UNESCO to have a World Heritage Site thru the Historic Centre of St Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments. This site includes 36 historical architectural complexes and about 4000 individual monuments.

To date, St. Petersburg has a total of 45 galleries and exhibition venues, 221 museums, and 2000 libraries.

Among the top tourist destinations in the city are the following:

State Hermitage Museum

Museum buffs should not miss this particular Russian attraction. Known to be one of the world’s oldest museums, the State Hermitage Museum was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. With nearly 3 million pieces comprising its historic collections, the museum is easily included being also among the world’s largest museums.

The State Hermitage Museum occupies six buildings in the Palace Ambankment. It includes the Winter Palace which is the former home of Russian emperors, the Museum of Porcelain and the Menshikov Palace.

Peter and Paul Fortress

The Peter and Paul Fortress used to be the location of one of the country’s famous historical prisons, thus, making it an interesting place to visit while in the city. Do not miss to take a stop at the Peter and Paul Cathedral as well as the Prison Museum.

Catherine Palace

Located at Tsarskoe Selo, the Catherine Palace also called the Summer Palace will captivate tourists with its parks, gardens, and guest houses. Painted in blue and gold, the palace will give its visitors a picture of how the country’s royalty once lived as every inch and corner of the palace speaks of luxury.

Bronze Horseman Statue

The famous Bronze Horseman has already been a part of the country’s culture and a symbol of the city. It is a statue of Peter the Great (the city’s founder) sitting astride his horse. The statue is said to be a representation of the Russian tzar’s impact on the country’s idea of greatness. The Bronze Horseman is a product of Alexander Pushkin’s brilliance.

With the numbers stated above, these places show just a bit of the many attractions tourists can expect in St. Petersburg. This is enough to give you an idea of how to plan your exploration in this magnificent city. And yes, with a wide number of sights and landmarks in the city, planning your itinerary is certainly a must to make the most of your visit.