Without a doubt, Russia has a rich culture with regard to arts and literature, it is home of various poets, literary authors, and prolific playwrights. Thus, it is no wonder why St. Petersburg is surrounded with several theaters. Here you can watch classy musical and plays.

Priyut Komedianta Theatre

This delightful theatre’s name means ‘the actor’s shelter’ and it does a pretty good job of fulfilling its role, providing refuge for some of the city’s best up-and-coming directors and producers. Recent successes have included Peter Shereshevsky’s adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband and Georgy Vasiliev’s ambitious staging of Viktor Yerofeyev’s Moscow Stations, a sort of Russian Trainspotting.

Hermitage Theatre

This austere neoclassical theatre – once the private theatre of the imperial family – stands on the site of the original Winter Palace of Peter I. At the behest of Catherine the Great, Giacomo Quarenghi designed the theatre to resemble an amphitheatre, with statues of Apollo and the Muses occupying the niches. During the Soviet period, this hall was used more often for lectures and such, but it reopened as a theatre in the 1980s. Appropriate for the setting, performances range from Tchaikovsky to Tchaikovsky. Some of the musical festivals also use this venue for performances.

Yusupov Palace Theatre

Housed inside the outrageously ornate Yusupov Palace, this elaborate yet intimate venue was the home entertainment centre for one of the city’s foremost aristocratic families. While you can visit the theatre when you tour the palace, seeing a performance here is a treat, as you can imagine yourself the personal guest of crazy Prince Felix himself. The shows are a mixed bag – usually a ‘Gala Evening’ that features fragments of various Russian classics.

Explore your artistic side by watching word-class performances in these St. Petersburg theaters.