As the number of tourists that visit St. Petersburg has grown over the years, the number of stores has also grown. You will find everything you want in the city. You will find a lot of shops that you can choose from that offer handmade arts and crafts, and also great souvenirs that you can take home with you.

The best place to be in if you want to go shopping in St. Petersburg is in Nevsky Prospekt. This central road offers a line of shops that will give you what you need. One great thing about Nevsky Prospekt is that the shops are arranged in an old 18th century setting. So you will surely feel like a true resident from St. Petersburg shopping in the old days.

A very important reminder for tourists, be sure to bring your passport with you if you are planning to have your money changed. They have a policy in Nevsky Prospekt that they will only exchange money if you have a passport. The best thing is they offer the best exchange rates.

If you would want to purchase art and antiques in the city, there are also a number of shops that you can go to for this. You will find a lot of shops that sell rare antiques as well as original artworks from renowned artists.