Travelling into a foreign city, one would always want to try out various restaurants to get a taste of their unique cuisine and get a feel of the city’s culture. Travelers would always want to try out new dishes unique of the city. Some travelers are even curious to try out even the familiar dishes as they are sure that this city has a different way of preparing it.

When in St. Petersburg, you will have a great number of restaurants to choose from. The city now has a lot of varieties to the restaurants that are available. Whatever type of cuisine you would want to try out, there are a number of restaurants ready for you to serve this. May it be Oriental, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican or Mediterranean all these can be tried out in the restaurants of the city. And of course, European and Russian cuisine is very much available in the various establishments.

If you would want an authentic culinary experience and try out Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg there are a number of places that you can go to. Palkin, the oldest restaurant and one of the best in the city, is one of them. In Palkin, you not only get to eat excellent Russian cuisine, you also get to dine in a place that attempts to recreate the old days of the city. Demidov, a traditional Russian restaurant, is another great restaurant to try out.