If you’re in search for wonderful leisure and good drinks, or just want a cozy place to unwind and free all those stressful vibes, then Saint Petersburg is a perfect place, for it offers a handful of bars to satisfy your relaxing needs.

St. Petersburg is mainly famous for its small den-like bars, scattered across the center. Here are some of the well-known establishments in the city, which proudly carry the name “pub” on them.

O’Hooligans Irish Pub

It has proven to be popular with locals and tourists. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and food is delicious as well. Live music is performed occasionally, and football games are shown. But the main goal of this pub is to meet new friends and converse over a drink or a meal. It seems to be social place where it is impossible to leave without meeting someone new.

Dickens Pub

It boasts an “authentic” English pub atmosphere, decked out in dark oak with deep blue seat coverings and a homely feel. It even boasts a small beer garden which completely concreted, that reminiscent of a true English pub. There are plenty of beers from all around the world, including more than ten on tap, and a lot of superior whiskies. The snacks and food are good, too, which come in huge serving.

The Shamrock Irish Pub

This pub is a tad pricey but popular Irish pub with a long history in St. Petersburg. Live music almost every night of the week and 16 types of beer on tap to help draw in big crowds and make for a lively atmosphere. Beer is a bit more expensive than the average but there are some cheaper options, as well as 25 types of whisky. The food menu goes beyond standard pub grub with options including steaks, pasta and more broadly European dishes.

St. Petersburg bars along with its wide array of offering of food and drinks will give you an exceptional good time.