If you love going to live concerts and jazz clubs, then St. Petersburg is the perfect place for you. The city is known for giving the best live rock and alternative music concerts in Russia. It is also home to a lot of great jazz clubs. Jazz and blues is really popular in the city and because of this a lot of clubs have sprung up.

Among the places that you could visit to experience the Jazz and Blues scene in St. Petersburg are: the Jazz Philharmonic Hall Venue, owned by renowned musician David Goloshyokin; Khrapkoff Club, a dance school by day and club by night; JFC Jazz Club Club, a club hosting classic to modern jazz concerts; and Red Fox Club, a simple little café that offers great live jazz nightly.

If you would want to experience the dance club night scene in the city though, there are also a lot of places to go to. Most of the places are known to have a relaxed atmosphere. Among the place to try out are: Cosmonaut Club; Troica Club, where you can dance to indie and electro music; 2nd Floor Club, a branch of Dacha where you can experience not only dancing to music but also watching live concerts; and the Daxphi Club, which offers house music and live concerts.