You will get to see and appreciate the great architecture of St. Petersburg as you see the great edifices from the past that still stand today. Looking at the great structures you will be at awe at the beauty and the intricacy of the buildings.

Back then, the city of St. Petersburg was considered as a modern European city. Very different from what it originally was before the great structures of the city was erected, a swampy place that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. After The Emperor, Peter the Great, had ordered to build a city on the swamp the city rose to become a great city. It was considered as the “window to the west.”

Most of the buildings that were erected in the city were masterpieces of Italian architects. This is why the city was considered as a modern European city during the early days. Most of the buildings that were put up had a style of neoclassical architecture as well as baroque architecture.

The Imperial Estates in the city’s suburbs is also a testament to the great architecture that can be found in the area. The Peterhof, home of Peter the Great; the Tsarskoe Selo, which is home to the famous Catherine Palace; and the Pavlovsk, home of neoclassical styled palace and English styled gardens are only some of these.