Culture & Entertainment

When you are in St Petersburg, the things to do in the city is something that you should not worry about as there are just plenty of things you can do and experience in the City of Tsars!

To kick off your activities in the city, you can start exploring the various museums and architecture in St Petersburg – there’s a lot, so be prepared to pick your choice! You can also find out places and sights in the city designed for kids. If you are traveling with your little ones, this may be a perfect itinerary. To experience what is like to party and celebrate in this Russian city, you can also take part in the many city festivals.

At night, there are a number of restaurants ready to let you get a taste of the city’s gastronomy. After a sumptuous dinner, you can then head to one of the many night spots in St Petersburg. The city’s nightlife does not lose vigor so be prepared for an all-night party.

Aside from the food and party, shopping in the city will not be a disappointment. If shopping isn’t your cup of tea though, you can simply catch or learn a sport in the city. You can also opt to get fit in St Petersburg as there are several fitness centers around.

For an alternative activity, you can also bring you family and friends to one of the theaters in St Petersburg or enjoy listening to the city’s music.

Don’t worry if you are in a budget! There are many things to do in St Petersburg that are free of charge! So there is practically no reason not to enjoy this marvelous city!