Wonderful Spots To Visit In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is home for significant historical and cultural attractions that made the city a very nice tourist destination. Much of the city has been restored to its feel during the 18th and 19th centuries. The city had been restored due to the wide-scale destruction of the city that happened in World War II. Today, St. Petersburg has become a unique destination for travellers to witness more than 300 years of European architectural styles.

The prevention of modern buildings to be built on the city helped in the maintenance of the city’s image as a major historic and cultural center in Europe. The city is one of the places that the Unesco listed in the world heritage list. The list includes around 36 historical centers around the city; including architectural centers and complexes. There are about 4,000 historical artifacts and monuments that can be found all over. The city has built tours and programs for tourists around the numerous monuments in the city.

Ballet is occupies a special spot in the life of the people of St. Petersburg. The culture of the city is not complete without ballet. The ballet school located in the city is deemed to be the best ballet school in the world. The instruction of the traditional ballet techniques have been passed on from generation to generation. Some of the prominent students of ballet in St. Petersburg are Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev and Natalia Makarova. These ballet performers are admired for their prolific understanding of the dance genre.

Visiting St. Petersburg is not complete without a visit to the Nevsky Prospekt which is the city’s fashion district. You can sample the fashion and modern lifestyle of St. Peterburg through the numerous shops and department stores. One of the stores, Gostiny Dvor, occupies a whole city block. It is enough to give the traveller enough space to find mementoes or souvenirs of the visit to St. Petersburg.

Nestled in an impressive colonnade, is the Kazan Cathedral. The cathedral encircles a small garden and a fountain that is found at the middle of the square. It is the city’s best representation of the Russian Orthodox church. It became more prominent in Russian history as the symbol of Russian victory during the war of 1812. The cathedral is a shrine to the miraculous Our Lady of Kazan.

Along Nevsky Prospekt is the Anichkov Bridge where you can find the famous Four Horse Tamer sculpture. The sculpture was made by Pyotr Klodt and was buried during World War II so that it can survive the widespread destruction of the war.

A nice place to visit in St. Petersburg is the State Hermitage Museum. This palace made using the Baroque-style architecture of the 18th century is one of the repositories of art and cultural pieces of Russian and world history. Today, the museum houses around 2.7 million exhibits that are sourced all around the world. It has exhibits about ancient Egypt and artifacts as new as early 20th century Europe.

Night life in St. Petersburg affords the traveller a good time. You haven’t been in St. Petersburg if you haven’t tasted the vodka. The city has a variety of pubs and bars that offers international cuisine for very reasonable prices.

St. Petersburg is a proud city with a very high density of cultural and historical landmarks. These treasures of culture and history are a fitting centerpiece of its tourism industry. The government should push the promotion and attract people to visit the city because of the wealth of tourism infrastructure it has to offer the tourist.