St. Petersburg for Free

14th of August 2018

No vacation really comes for free as you would have to pay for your airfare and have to pay for your accommodation. But once you get into the city, there are various options for you to still enjoy parts of your trip without having to shell out some cash.


The best way and also the cheapest way to explore a city is to do a walking tour of the place without the tour guides. In short, you just have to walk from your hotel and enjoy the city on foot. You can certainly do this in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of hotels that are situated in the heart of the city that are just walking distance to famous city attractions. The Comfort Hotel, History Hotel on English Embankment and the Nevsky Hotel Moyka 5 are some of these hotels that have very easy access to places in the city that you would want to visit. The Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museums in the world, is among the many attractions that are in close proximity to these hotels. There are also a lot of other hotels that offer great accessibility to more city attractions. So be sure to do your research and pick the best hotel that would give you this.

Be your own tour guide

Nowadays, the Internet has everything you need to know. So instead of paying for a tour of the city, you can just read up on the great things to know about the city. It will also be good for you to read up before you do your walking tour so you will get to appreciate the attractions more as you already know the story behind them.

So explore the city on foot and be your own tour guide.

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